African Safari and Luxury Travel

The mystique of Africa began in the 1800’s when Africa was first called The Dark Continent because of its remoteness and impenetrable vegetation. The mystique remains today in the modern 21st century in spite of worldwide state-of-the-art satellite communication, bustling cities and thriving businesses scattered throughout the continent. One way to capture the essential and enduring romance of Africa is to travel up close and personal to its landscapes and its fascinating creatures by taking a luxury eco-friendly safari. There’s no better place for this amazing adventure than the country of South Africa, positioned at the tip of the continent.

Luxury safaris have their roots in Africa’s colonial heritage when nobility and upper class British colonials brought their traditions and social protocols to the new territory. Refined British ladies and gentlemen had definite customs for proper tea, for example, and even picnics. These traditions carried over to safari excursions into the African bush. The safari of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was an elaborate affair accompanied by proper attire, meals, and social protocols. The luxury safari of today provides even more creature comforts and amenities than what the early safari participants from Europe and North America required a century ago.

Today the term luxury safari applies to adventures in the bush at first-class lodges or at custom tent camps. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of elegant lodges that meet the needs of the discriminating traveler. Many of the lodges are in or near game reserves or national parks, providing unparalleled access to the African wildlife, the essential component of any African safari.

These lodges are typically remote and elegant, providing excellent accommodations and amenities plus fine dining generally offered with spectacular views of the local landscape or out of doors. Tranquility and quiet abound, appealing to savvy travelers who desire an extraordinary change of pace and opportunity to soak in all the peace and beauty that Africa has to offer.

For a truly memorable holiday in the grand nineteenth century tradition, consider a luxury tent safari. Forget everything you ever knew about a scout’s tent or an army bivouac tent. For a semi-permanent safari camp, these tents are large, sturdy dwellings with 8-foot ceilings, erected on a concrete floor and are equipped with real beds, comfortable sitting chairs, closet space, and usually “en-suite” shower and toilet facilities.

On a tent safari, the camp staff is ready to please and accommodate visitor’s needs even in the remote locale. Expect fine dining to a high standard at both casual outdoor meals and elegant dinners in the well outfitted dining tent or native boma.

A luxury South African adventure is the perfect means for experiencing safely the unique ecosystems and extraordinary wildlife of the region. Safaris originating from lodges and tent camps alike provide daily wildlife viewing excursions from a variety of vehicles. Trained guides who know the local wildlife accompany visitors at all times and take any necessary precautions to protect visitors and wildlife alike.

South Africa abounds with first-class opportunities for luxury travel to remote and fascinating destinations that cater to individuals in search of eco-friendly adventures. With so many options to choose from, consider seeking the advice of a travel consultant who is experienced with luxury travel when you’re ready to discover the mystique of Africa for yourself.

Luxury Cruising

A great cruise is much more than a journey. Blending the grandeur and nobility of seafaring with the imagination and style of the good life, it is my favorite way to explore the world. Moving up to a luxury ship helps make memories that endure forever.

The right ship or cruise line is one that makes you very comfortable and very special while fulfilling all your vacation desires. You need to look at the size of the vessel, the nature of the experience, the activities available, dining schedules, on board dress code and the style of service. Equally important are your itinerary, the type of accommodations, and the cost of the cruise, along with the inclusions that may be offered.

Ships in the luxury category are generally smaller than the mass-market vessels with passenger capacities ranging from less than 100 to near 900 and offer the most generously proportioned and inviting accommodation. Many of the staterooms will feature private verandah, sitting areas and rich d├ęcor and deluxe amenities. The standard of service you will enjoy can be measured by looking at the crew to guest ratios. Exceptional service will be found on ships that have a ratio of one (or more) crewmembers to every two guests and mirror the warmth and discretion of finest hospitality. The following unique cruising styles can be celebrated each in its own right – so you can choose to travel elegantly with companions who share your sensibilities.

Ultimate luxury cruises are quite formal and embody the ceremony of cruising, recalling the days when traveling by ship was an event in itself. Voyages in this category offer the ultimate travel experience and excellence in every detail. These cruises are breath taking in every respect and offer you an atmosphere of sumptuous refinement with service that is truly indulgent. Guests are treated to the finest meals in exquisite dining rooms and in a single seating. Jackets and ties are generally the rule for dinner and tuxedos are not uncommon with a dress code that is observed faithfully.

Casual elegance cruises offer a luxurious cruise experience with a “resort elegant” country club type of shipboard atmosphere. Windstar Cruises, vessels are wonderful examples for traveling in unregimented, graceful and subtle luxury. Shipboard lifestyle on this type of cruise is generally unstructured, with few organized activities. In keeping with the contemporary, easygoing atmosphere on board these ships, the style of dress is casually refined. Jackets, if worn, are casual and ties must be left at home! The dining experience is flawless with the added flexibility and convenience of open seating. You ennjoy dining at your leisure with your choice of new found friends. Ships in this category tend to be smaller and the service on board is of the highest calibre.

The last category of luxury cruise is “unique exploration”. You can explore many of the world’s most intriguing destinations while enjoying a friendly comfortable cruise experience. The ships in this category offer overall excellent cruise value. The ships themselves are anything by ordinary and each have their own unique features and highlights. The emphasis for these voyages is on the special itineraries.

Ports of call have been carefully selected to highlight the history and culture of each region. Each offer you the opportunity to experience, learn and explore. Most of the vessels in this class include an official guide or guest lecturer, theatres for lectures, enrichment programs and often an extensive library. The on board environment is relaxed and the service is very personal.

The dress is generally resort casual by day and varies for evening dining depending upon the ship. Whether experiencing an Antarctic expedition, the Amazon River or the national heritage of the legendary clipper ship, this class of cruising gives you a unique blend of style and adventure.

When choosing your next cruise, take time to examine the possibilities of Seabourn, Windstar, SeaDream Cunard, Radisson, Crystal, and Silversea. Many of these cruise lines have luxury cruises from southampton These cruise lines allow you to follow your own desires and inner rhythms, discovering your own unique vision of Utopia.

Milan – Italy’s Ultimate City Of Style And Elegance

If the ideal destination for you is a place where history successfully meets the present and future, then Milan, Europe’s creative capital is the place to go.
Situated on the flat plains of the Po Valley, it is the capital of Lombardy and thoroughly enjoys its hard earned role as Italy’s richest and second largest city. Wealthy and cosmopolitan, the Milanesi enjoy a reputation as successful businesspeople.
Since the 1970s, the city has remained the capital of Italy’s automobile industry and its financial markets, but the limelight is dominated by the fashion houses, who, in turn, have drawn media and advertising agencies to the city.
Most of the year Milan is as comfortable as a cardigan: not too hot, and not too cold, either, a perfect destination for any season. Just keep in mind one thing: the city is overbooked almost all the time, so make sure you choose the best way of finding accommodation: online hotel booking with at least one month in advance. Here are some suggestions in case you are seriously considering Milan as your next destination.

Milan discount accommodation – cheap offers for quality services
For discount travelers, the city is loaded with lodging offers. If you are looking for cheap hotel rates, you can choose the best of accommodation in the very heart of the city.
One of the most irresistible offers is Edolo Hotel, situated within 300 meters from Milano Central Station, and the Air Terminal to Malpensa and Linate airports and at only 10 minutes by underground from the “Fiera Internazionale”. This beautiful hotel offers a high standard of comfort and service. A courteous and efficient staff and a familiar management ensure to the guests a pleasant stay. Edolo Hotel is in the immediate vicinity of the famous Arciboldi Theatre. It is surrounded by a plethora of traditional pizzerias, pubs and clubs, public gardens and private parking; it’s also easily reached by tram, bus and underground. Rooms are furnished with exquisite taste, are silent and with the most up-to-date facilities. Another offer, ideal for a family vacation package or from cheap corporate travels is Hotel Mac Mahon. This city hotel features a terrace and comprises a total of 24 rooms, also accessible for people with disabilities. There is also a breakfast room, a bar open around the clock and other conveniences on offer. This accommodation is the ideal place for both tourists and business travelers who wish to feel at home in a relaxing atmosphere. Located in the north of Milan, Centro Alberghiero Ornato, in the Riguarda district, near the motorway, is another widely convenient and functional tourist centre. It has 146 rooms with private bathroom, telephone and TV and there is also a conference room with a capacity for 50 people and both car park and coach park. .
Also within the heart of the city, you may choose the comfortable Hotel Demidoff, very centrally located, situated only few meters away from central railway station and from piazza Lima undeground station.The Duomo is within walking distance from this hotel.

Italy’s ultimate corporate city unveils its offers
For luxury corporate travelers, there are also plenty of opportunities that will give you an opportunity of knowing Milan hospitality. An useful solution is the elegant Montebianco Hotel, which is one of the best places in town for corporate meetings. All the comforts and amenities are at your disposals as well as front desk useful information for both the luxury traveler looking for information on art galleries, museums and clubs and for the corporate tourist seeking info in train or plane schedules. Large and well furnished meeting rooms are available, while for lunch and dinner or for a fast snack, you will find restaurants, pizzerias and pubs close to the hotel. A large guarded car park and laundry service are available. Centrally located in the hearth of Milan, the Hotel Mythos is very close to the Central Station, the Air Terminal and the city tube and is also a favorite location for corporate travels. The Hotel has a meeting center consisting of 10 up to 70 places congress rooms, ideal for meetings, incentives exhibitions, shows, cultural events. The Doria Grand Hotel is another luxury place which offers its guests the calm of an intimate and refined atmosphere.

While in Milan, choose living in style
While in Milan and if willing to live in style, do not miss the Grand Hotel Duomo
Built in 1860, this hotel is the only Italian building made with the same marble used to build the Cathedral (the famous Carrara marble) At the beginning, it was a private Palace, that became a hotel in 1950. The Grand Hotel Duomo is a place that conquests the heart, not only for its unique position, but also for the beauty of the decoration, for the works of art. Dominating the Piazza della Repubblica, the hotel Principe di Savoia is a five-star hotel that has been the natural home for international travellers and cosmopolitan society since the 1920’s. Its imposing neoclassical facade hides one of the world’s most luxuriously appointed hotels. With its superb location, superlative facilities and outstanding standards of service, the Hotel Principe di Savoia offers a winning combination of old-fashioned opulence combined with the latest innovations in technology and design. Easily accessed from all parts of the city and close to Milan’s many attractions and elegant shopping districts, the Hotel Principe di Savoia is within 50 minutes of Milan’s main airport, Malpensa.

Now that you have found suitable accommodation, keep in mind that this city is all about worldly pleasures, from shopping, which is of quasi-religious significance to clubbing and fashionable sightseeing. Apart from a few gems, the city is not renowned for its looks; it’s lifestyle that counts

Romantic Luxury Travel at European Castles

Today royal families are few and far between, but there remains a romantic lore and mystique surrounding the lifestyle of kings and queens, lords and ladies who lived hundreds of years ago, and rightfully so. These wealthy and prominent individuals vied with each other for power and prestige and built lavish homes to showcase their wealth. Since most royal descendants cannot afford to maintain a castle as their private home, adventuresome travelers who are looking for the best in luxury travel can experience the romance of the days of yore by planning a luxury vacation getaway at a castle that has been restored to 5-star expectations and beyond.

And true castles these are, huge rambling buildings adorned with gargoyles, towers, turrets and steeply sloped roofs. The old castles, built in the centuries before electric lighting, feature expansive windows that give unparalleled views of carefully manicured lawns and ornate gardens fit for a modern king and queen. For those who are seeking a vacation that provides royal treatment, what better place to find such luxury than at an authentic castle retreat?

The ultimate in romantic travel, luxury castle vacation venues are available throughout Europe. The best feature the latest in modern amenities such as on-site spas while offering traditional royal amusements like horseback riding and custom hunting and fishing excursions. Typically, on-site dining is of gourmet quality served in elegant surroundings of the ancient formal dining room. Travelers who vacation at these luxurious imperial residences should understand that they are also contributing to the preservation of these magnificent historic treasures for future generations.

Castle hotels in Ireland offer world-class accommodations and five-star service. These castles, surrounded by hundreds of acres of private grounds, are ideal for those who are seeking a quiet luxury vacation. Spend time in the formal gardens or wander the private grounds for peace and solitude. Irish castle vacations have particular appeal for golf enthusiasts. Top rated golf courses abound in Ireland plus some castle resorts offer a private golf course as well.

For those who desire the ultimate in privacy, smaller Scottish castles may provide the perfect luxury vacation experience. Nestled in scenic locations, fully restored estates dating back to the 1500’s that have been renovated to five-star standards are available for rent by the week or the month. Although smaller than the castle hotels, these estates boast a dedicated full-time staff to cater to the guest’s every need and provide a perfect hideaway in a historically romantic setting.

Germany is the ideal location for travelers looking for a romantic locale. The famed Romantic Road that winds its way through southern Germany from Wurzburg to Fussen through historic architectural districts is one of the world’s most popular tourist routes, especially in summer. Instead of joining the throngs of tourists on the Romantic Road, experience romantic German castles firsthand on the German Castles Road, which extends from Mannheim on the Rhine River to Neckarzimmern in the Neckar River Valley. Here luxury-minded travelers can choose from dozens of elegant five-star castle hotels.

Southern Germany is, of course, famous for mountain views. There are elegant castle hotels nestled in picturesque Alpine locations that will take a visitor’s breath away each and every day. For those who are wine enthusiasts, look for a castle hotel in the Rhine River wine country.

No matter the setting, expect the best in discriminating personal service and the finest gourmet dining fit for royalty at these luxury German establishments. Experience the feeling of history that is embodied in the surrounding castle walls that is available nowhere else in the world. Whether you are seeking a quiet retreat or a bustling continental hotel environment, there is a luxury German castle hotel to meet your needs.

“A man’s home is his castle” is a phrase that’s been around for a long time. When you are ready to leave your castle for a vacation at a European royal castle, the best advice is to consult a travel company that specializes in luxury travel to help you find the exact location that meets all of your needs and desires.