African Safari and Luxury Travel

The mystique of Africa began in the 1800’s when Africa was first called The Dark Continent because of its remoteness and impenetrable vegetation. The mystique remains today in the modern 21st century in spite of worldwide state-of-the-art satellite communication, bustling cities and thriving businesses scattered throughout the continent. One way to capture the essential and enduring romance of Africa is to travel up close and personal to its landscapes and its fascinating creatures by taking a luxury eco-friendly safari. There’s no better place for this amazing adventure than the country of South Africa, positioned at the tip of the continent.

Luxury safaris have their roots in Africa’s colonial heritage when nobility and upper class British colonials brought their traditions and social protocols to the new territory. Refined British ladies and gentlemen had definite customs for proper tea, for example, and even picnics. These traditions carried over to safari excursions into the African bush. The safari of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was an elaborate affair accompanied by proper attire, meals, and social protocols. The luxury safari of today provides even more creature comforts and amenities than what the early safari participants from Europe and North America required a century ago.

Today the term luxury safari applies to adventures in the bush at first-class lodges or at custom tent camps. Visitors can choose from a wide variety of elegant lodges that meet the needs of the discriminating traveler. Many of the lodges are in or near game reserves or national parks, providing unparalleled access to the African wildlife, the essential component of any African safari.

These lodges are typically remote and elegant, providing excellent accommodations and amenities plus fine dining generally offered with spectacular views of the local landscape or out of doors. Tranquility and quiet abound, appealing to savvy travelers who desire an extraordinary change of pace and opportunity to soak in all the peace and beauty that Africa has to offer.

For a truly memorable holiday in the grand nineteenth century tradition, consider a luxury tent safari. Forget everything you ever knew about a scout’s tent or an army bivouac tent. For a semi-permanent safari camp, these tents are large, sturdy dwellings with 8-foot ceilings, erected on a concrete floor and are equipped with real beds, comfortable sitting chairs, closet space, and usually “en-suite” shower and toilet facilities.

On a tent safari, the camp staff is ready to please and accommodate visitor’s needs even in the remote locale. Expect fine dining to a high standard at both casual outdoor meals and elegant dinners in the well outfitted dining tent or native boma.

A luxury South African adventure is the perfect means for experiencing safely the unique ecosystems and extraordinary wildlife of the region. Safaris originating from lodges and tent camps alike provide daily wildlife viewing excursions from a variety of vehicles. Trained guides who know the local wildlife accompany visitors at all times and take any necessary precautions to protect visitors and wildlife alike.

South Africa abounds with first-class opportunities for luxury travel to remote and fascinating destinations that cater to individuals in search of eco-friendly adventures. With so many options to choose from, consider seeking the advice of a travel consultant who is experienced with luxury travel when you’re ready to discover the mystique of Africa for yourself.