Romantic Luxury Travel at European Castles

Today royal families are few and far between, but there remains a romantic lore and mystique surrounding the lifestyle of kings and queens, lords and ladies who lived hundreds of years ago, and rightfully so. These wealthy and prominent individuals vied with each other for power and prestige and built lavish homes to showcase their wealth. Since most royal descendants cannot afford to maintain a castle as their private home, adventuresome travelers who are looking for the best in luxury travel can experience the romance of the days of yore by planning a luxury vacation getaway at a castle that has been restored to 5-star expectations and beyond.

And true castles these are, huge rambling buildings adorned with gargoyles, towers, turrets and steeply sloped roofs. The old castles, built in the centuries before electric lighting, feature expansive windows that give unparalleled views of carefully manicured lawns and ornate gardens fit for a modern king and queen. For those who are seeking a vacation that provides royal treatment, what better place to find such luxury than at an authentic castle retreat?

The ultimate in romantic travel, luxury castle vacation venues are available throughout Europe. The best feature the latest in modern amenities such as on-site spas while offering traditional royal amusements like horseback riding and custom hunting and fishing excursions. Typically, on-site dining is of gourmet quality served in elegant surroundings of the ancient formal dining room. Travelers who vacation at these luxurious imperial residences should understand that they are also contributing to the preservation of these magnificent historic treasures for future generations.

Castle hotels in Ireland offer world-class accommodations and five-star service. These castles, surrounded by hundreds of acres of private grounds, are ideal for those who are seeking a quiet luxury vacation. Spend time in the formal gardens or wander the private grounds for peace and solitude. Irish castle vacations have particular appeal for golf enthusiasts. Top rated golf courses abound in Ireland plus some castle resorts offer a private golf course as well.

For those who desire the ultimate in privacy, smaller Scottish castles may provide the perfect luxury vacation experience. Nestled in scenic locations, fully restored estates dating back to the 1500’s that have been renovated to five-star standards are available for rent by the week or the month. Although smaller than the castle hotels, these estates boast a dedicated full-time staff to cater to the guest’s every need and provide a perfect hideaway in a historically romantic setting.

Germany is the ideal location for travelers looking for a romantic locale. The famed Romantic Road that winds its way through southern Germany from Wurzburg to Fussen through historic architectural districts is one of the world’s most popular tourist routes, especially in summer. Instead of joining the throngs of tourists on the Romantic Road, experience romantic German castles firsthand on the German Castles Road, which extends from Mannheim on the Rhine River to Neckarzimmern in the Neckar River Valley. Here luxury-minded travelers can choose from dozens of elegant five-star castle hotels.

Southern Germany is, of course, famous for mountain views. There are elegant castle hotels nestled in picturesque Alpine locations that will take a visitor’s breath away each and every day. For those who are wine enthusiasts, look for a castle hotel in the Rhine River wine country.

No matter the setting, expect the best in discriminating personal service and the finest gourmet dining fit for royalty at these luxury German establishments. Experience the feeling of history that is embodied in the surrounding castle walls that is available nowhere else in the world. Whether you are seeking a quiet retreat or a bustling continental hotel environment, there is a luxury German castle hotel to meet your needs.

“A man’s home is his castle” is a phrase that’s been around for a long time. When you are ready to leave your castle for a vacation at a European royal castle, the best advice is to consult a travel company that specializes in luxury travel to help you find the exact location that meets all of your needs and desires.